Kathy’s photographic experiences started underwater several years ago whilst living on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand.
After moving back to England, the cold UK waters were not as appealing as the warm, tropical ones she was used to so she took up landscape photography to keep her photography skills up to date in between overseas dive trips.
This rapidly became just as much of a passion as underwater. Her love for the ocean has had a huge influence on her land photography; you will often find her out photographing the dramatic coastline of the UK.

“ I love to be outside regardless of the weather. Some of my favourite images have been made during stormy, wet weather so black clouds generally do not deter me!
My favourite time to photograph is late in the day, catching the last golden glow of the sun, watching the light transform from day to night and capturing the movement in the water and the skies above.
Unfortunately that magical light is gone all to quickly but it’s a good excuse to go back again tomorrow …”